MFM Ministries And Departments.

Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, is a ministry devoted to the revival of Apostolic signs, Holy Ghost fireworks and the unlimited demonstration of the power of God to deliver to the uttermost. Absolute holiness within and without, as the greatest spiritual insecticide, and a condition for Heaven is taught openly.

MFM Ministries Departments


To intercede for the actualization of the divine purpose of God for MFM.


To offer continuous intercessory prayers for the growth, purpose and vision of the church.

To intercede for the ministers and members

To pray for success of programmes, i.e, regular services and other special programmes.


To carry out the order of our Lord Jesus Christ “The Great Commission”

To organize and carry out crusades

To evangelize and plant churches

To publicize church programmes and activities

Aims and Objective

To liberate all those who are labouring under the yoke and bondage of demons of hard drugs

To win souls captured by the kingdom of satan through drug addiction

To create awareness on the causes and dangers of drug addiction

To educate christians and non-christians on the spiritual consequences of drug abuse and drug addictions

To assist victims of drug addiction to rediscover themselves

To assist victims of addiction to develop and grow spiritually

To cater for the physical and material needs of drug victims until they are able to stand on their own

To rid the society of anti-social behaviours associated with lack of self-control as a result of drug addiction

To attract people who have passion for erring souls and train them as members of MTDA at every quarter

To regularly update the spiritual tempo of the members at least once a month

Mission Statement

To establish, stabilize and sanitize the body of Christ through quality service, to ensure orderliness, peace and unity among worshipers.

Vision Statement

To be the vanguard of the church’s spiritual and physical assets


To praise and worship God in various services inside and outside MFM

To develop skilful praise and worship ministers

To lay emphasis on praising God in local and African dialects

To develop consistent holiness and true spirituality in the praise and worship minister


To cater for the physical and spiritual needs of the needy and the under privilege in our society

To provide voluntary service to the Lord and humanity

To evangelise to the poor and to the needy and to bring deliverance to the captives and preach message of the salvation and restore hope to those in the prison, remand homes, orphanage homes and the old people’s home


Provide direction and technical expertise in design, development and systems integration

Make quick decisions and solve technical problems to provide an efficient environment for project implementation

Identify resource and equipment requirements, efficient capacity planning and manage software and hardware availability